The Marketing Bureau

Specialist Marketing & Communications Resourecs


We provide advice, guidance & input into any and every aspect of a business’s sales and marketing strategies as well as all other aspects of the client organisation that have a marketing effect (which is pretty much anything and everything really!).

Brand Audit

If marketing is at the centre of the business universe, then the Brand is at the centre of the marketing universe.

Every customer and potential customer has a relationship with your Brand – good or bad but never indifferent. This relationship does not simply influence purchasing behaviour, it dictates it.

Your Brand franchise is the sum total of every tiny “behaviour” in which your Brand engages and each of those behaviours will either add to or detract from the relationship with your customer or potential customer.

The Brand Audit sets out to uncover and assess that relationship and the behaviours that drive it. Most importantly, where there is room for improvement (and there always is) the Brand Audit will deliver detailed and actionable recommendations.

Brand Strategy & Development

For many organisations, their Brand “Strategy” does not extend beyond its logo and other elements of its visual identity. In these organisations, that visual identify has been developed in the absence of a Brand Strategy – a lack of the “thinking” that is vital to the crafting of a Brand Story – a story that articulates the Brand’s characteristics, personality, psyche and the how it connects with the targets with whom that brand has, or wishes to have, a productive relationship.

This is highly specialist work that requires a high level of skills and expertise that we are pleased to be able to offer clients.

CRM Strategy

The management of Customer Relationships can either be left to chance (not recommended) or can be optimised based on the careful and comprehensive development and implementation of clear and specific Objectives together with detailed strategies designed to achieve those objectives. Once contact is made with a customer or potential customer, the management of that relationship is key in ensuring optimal profit performance over the life of the relationship.

Market Orientation

Increasingly, organisations are realising that marketing is not just a department or a function. To be truly effective, marketing must be a “State of Mind” that dominates and drives the thinking and decision making of every single person in an Organisation.

We work with Clients to assess and measure the state of their Organisation’s “Marketing Orientation” and develop processes and systems to develop people and cultures to the point where that Organisation’s people “live and breathe” the Marketing “State of Mind”.

In some Organisations this results in an almost complete re-invention of their culture, processes and systems. In others, a little remedial work is often sufficient to achieve the required results.

Either way, the outcomes are significant in their effect and “transformation” is the word that best characterises those outcomes.

Market Sector Analysis

Whether a Client is interested in exploring a new market or reviewing an existing one, we provide a thorough and in-depth investigation and analysis of any market, anywhere in the world.

Need to get a grip on the nature of the Chinese market for denture adhesive? Give us a try!

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications Planning, Implementation and Metrics working with a highly skilled and talented team of external providers with specialists in every area of this field including graphic design, web design, market research, social media strategy, media planning & buying etc.

Marketing Planning

We develop and write Marketing Plans from scratch or simply provide input and an external, specialist perspective to an existing or developing Plan.

This area of our activity works most effectively where we fulfil the role of coach and mentor to a Client’s own people, enabling them to produce and take ownership of their own Marketing Plans and Planning processes.

New Product Development

We can assist clients on new product development (NPD) - the complete process of bringing a new product to market. New product development is described in the literature as the transformation of a market opportunity into a product available for sale and it can be tangible (that is, something physical you can touch) or intangible (like a service, experience, or belief). A good understanding of customer needs and wants, the competitive environment and the nature of the market represent the top required factors for the success of a new product.

Professional Services Marketing

Professional service firms differ from other business enterprises in two distinct ways.

First, they provide highly customised services and thus cannot apply many of the management and marketing principles developed for product-based industries.

Second, professional services are highly personalised, involving the skills of (and, frequently, the physical presence of) individual service providers.

These two fundamental factors impact on the way in which the marketing concept comes to life in a professional services firm. In fact, according to Tom Peters, "The professional services firm is the best model for tomorrow's organisation in any industry."

As a professional services firm ourselves, we have become skilled at bringing this reality to the benefit and betterment of professional services firms.

Our interventions are, of course, determined entirely by client needs but, typically, those interventions might include advice, training, design and/or implementation of:

  • Relationship Marketing

  • CRM (Client Relationship Management)

  • CRA (Client Relationship Audit)

  • Brand Development

Together with elements from our portfolio of Consulting and Training Services but with a specific Professional Services focus brought to each of them, we are well positioned to assist any professional services firm with the achievement of improved practice results.

Sales and/or Marketing Audit

A comprehensive external assessment and evaluation of a complete sales and/or marketing strategy, its implementation, funding, resourcing and efficacy.

Is it right? Is it working? Is it cost effective? Could it be more productive? Could it be more profitable?

We provide a non-intrusive, team approach, working closely with the Client’s own Sales and/or Marketing management & personnel and, as a result, minimise internal disruption or resistance.

Sales and/or Marketing Systems Design

We can assist with the identification of marketing system requirements, gaps or shortfalls etc., and develop detailed and actionable solutions to those issues to ensure that your sales and/or marketing strategies and implementations are not simply randomised.


One of the most powerful positioning tools available to a business is Sponsorship.

It is a strategy and a tool that can build and nurture powerful and long term Brand relationships for any type of business that uses it to maximum effect.

However, it is also one of the biggest budgetary black holes into which many businesses pour their hard earned revenue.

The reason is a simple lack of understanding of how to deploy the tool of Sponsorship in a way that is SMART (Specific. Measurable. Agreed. Realistic. Timetabled).

We have extensive specialist sponsorship expertise that enables us to work with clients to develop and implement sponsorship strategies that deliver optimal performance and returns through ensuring that the strategy…..

  • Is consistent with the existing Brand characteristics

  • Has a comprehensive set of SMART Communications and/or Relationship Marketing Objectives

  • Can be dovetailed into all other components of the marketing communications strategy

  • Allows the characteristics and values of the Brand to be enhanced and, further, be made to come alive in a compelling way

  • Provides a vehicle that can assist in leveraging key relationships with customers and prospects and that can achieve that in a planned and measurable way