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SolveIt exist to help business people achieve more in business through the smart use of computers and other technology tools and resources.

Solve I.T. is a fast growing IT services Company made up of like-minded business people who love computers and I.T. in general. All the people in the team have taken the opportunity to own their own Solve I.T. business and work in the area of their personal passion of providing computer support as well as advising business people on the best I.T. systems and solutions for their unique needs.

For an I.T. fanatic, owning a Solve I.T. business means they can focus on their area of interest and talent, leaving the rest to the support team at Solve I.T.

Solve I.T offers one of the most comprehensive business IT support services in the Auckland marketplace and is about to expand into other geographic regions in the coming year.

The TMB Brief was to advise on and assist with the development and implementation of sales & marketing strategies for a Fast, Flexible, Affordable Prepay Wireless Broadband service targeted specifically at apartment buildings owners and their tenants. The development of this particular technology application was to offer property owners the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the apartment rental market as well as for those owners to command higher rental incomes from a  relatively small additional investment