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NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management)

Founded in 1946 the New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) is a non-profit organisation with a mission of enhancing managerial and organisational effectiveness in New Zealand.

NZIM is a professional organisation that caters to the professional and organisational needs of its members, currently numbering over 6,500 nationally, and expanding.


NZIM provides both its corporate and individual members with networking opportunities, workshops and seminars, training and career development, professional qualifications, management information, mentoring, scholarships and awards.  


In 2009, TMB were retained by NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management) to develop and deliver a 3 Day Marketing Management Module as part of their highly renowned Advanced Management Programme. Usually delivered by our Chairman, Steve Bridges, his absence overseas was covered in ‘09 by TMB CEO Brian H Meredith.


The Programme is designed for CEOs, Senior Executives and General Managers and aims to provide:


A forum for managers to discuss and understand new knowledge, skills and techniques from New Zealand and overseas as they apply to the task of management


An insight into participants’ own management and leadership styles, equating these with organisational effectiveness and productivity


Planned time to utilise the experience of both faculty and fellow participants in brainstorming work-related solutions


The opportunity to sharpen analytical and decision-making skills


An understanding of the economic, social and political factors impacting on the setting of goals and strategies

The Marketing Management Module comprised:


The Marketing Concept

The Brand

Creating a Marketing Oriented Business

The Creation of Vision & Mission

The Customer

The Competition

The Distribution Challenge

Developing the Product & Service Offering

Marketing Communications

Marketing Metrics

Demystifying Market Research

The Marketing Plan

The Future of Marketing