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Demand. Who Drives It?

A Critical Concept in Services Marketing Strategy

by Mike Schultz
First Published on

There's no shortage of advice about which strategies work or don't work for services marketing, yet they seem to conflict with each other regularly. So what's the scoop? Which strategies work? Read more >>


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Yellow Online :: Your Opinion Please

by Brian H Meredith

Just got a call from Yellow Online ( where we (The Marketing Bureau Ltd) have had a Gold Listing for several years now. Bottom line was an attempt to double our monthly online advertising cost. Read more >>

Shane commented on 14-Apr-2010 08:28 AM
Hi Brian, Interesting article, Internet marketing is certainly still evolving and determining what is flawed and what is not is still fairly open. From what I can see of your listing and my personal opinion is you don't really give me much of an idea on how you will help my business. You talk about turning my marketing theory into practice and profit but how ? Also you seem to lack a call to action I read your advert great then what do i do ? Hope this helps, I take it your paying double since your still listed on there :) Cheers, Shane

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