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Our Fingers Are Doing The Walking

United States
: It’s been nearly 50 years since the Yellow Pages® first urged phone customers to “Let your fingers do the walking.” Back then, it was just an ad slogan, and the message wasn’t meant to be taken literally. Nowadays, however, thanks to touch-screen technology, wireless phone users can “let their fingers do the walking.”
They can easily shop online, send e-mails and texts, and share multimedia files and pictures with friends and family—all with the flick of a finger. The technology has proven so popular that customers who own traditional mobile phones—as opposed to feature-rich “smartphones”— are increasingly moving to models that offer touch screens. Read more >>


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Top Marketing Innovation Killers

By Sean X Cummings
First Published on
Barriers to marketing greatness : Our jobs shouldn't be that hard, should they? This is not rocket science or brain surgery. This is advertising and marketing. But alas, in truth, much more is known about both rocket science and brain surgery than about marketing. Why? We, as people and consumers, are a completely unpredictable system of chaos. If we understood people to the depth we did rocket science, there would be little need for the entire profession of psychology.  Read more >>


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