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World's Most Valuable Audience

Study Reveals “World’s Most Valuable Audience” for Marketers
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What group of consumers are most engaged with advertising and who you should market to most?

Well, a new study by Turn claims to have discovered the world’s most valuable audience – or ‘digital elite’ – as being city dwellers aged 21-34, earning at least $76,900 a year and possessing diverse media tastes.

According to the Digital Audience Report, these elite are so in-demand that they are shown 24 times as many ads as the average digital consumer and are most likely to engage with brands through channels such as Facebook and online video ads.

Paul Alfieri, VP of marketing at Turn, said: “It may not be shocking that a premium group of consumers spends more and is therefore very appealing to marketers. What is incredible is the window we have into the world of these digital elites and what makes them so valuable.”

So how are marketers targeting this group? Based on an analysis of data from the Turn platform during the first quarter 2013, marketers are so desperate to reach this audience that they are willing to pay an eCPM (cost per thousand impressions) that’s 85% higher than average.

Overall, costs for display advertising, video ads, and other rich media were shown to increase, while those for mobile and social ads have fallen, the findings showed.

Global average video eCPM grew from $9.41 in January to $9.99 in March – an increase of 6.16% - whilst display advertising increase by 15.2% to reach $1.06. Mobile eCPM, however, dropped from $1.31 in January to $0.72 in March whilst social (Facebook/FBX) eCPM dropped 20%, from a global average of $0.30 in January to $0.24 in March.

Despite this, Turn says that social advertising is cost-effective and immensely popular and points to recent predictions from IDC that claim by 2016, worldwide real-time-bidding (RTB) spend will increase to $13.9 billion. recently examined the emergence of RTB advertising platforms, its effect on marketers and whether it’s here to stay.

Alistair Dent from Periscopix argued that the opportunity for marketers who are active and can take advantage of targeting wide groups of audiences cannot be understated. He said: "An advertiser won’t want to engage separately with a dozen or more different websites that each offer different data they can use for adjustment. The advertiser will need to work with a network who has standardised this data across its inventory."



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