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Rule No. 1 of the Customer Service Experience

By Micah Solomon

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Here’s rule #1 of the customer experience and a central principle of successful business. The customer is at the center of the customer’s universe.

It’s hard, but necessary, to drill this reality into your staff–not just once, but as often as every day–and to keep it in mind, in good times and bad, yourself.

Here’s what “the customer is at the center of the customer’s universe” means in day-to-day language:

Your hangover doesn’t matter to a customer, even though it’s making you ache behind your eyeballs.

• The traffic jam you suffered through on the way to work doesn’t matter to your customer, even though it’s still rattling around in your head.

Your frustration with the new technology in the office doesn’t matter to the customer. Even your fascination with nifty new features in the technology doesn’t matter to the customer.

What matters to the customer is the customer, and the people the customer cares about, a category that only tangentially at best includes you, the service provider.

Seth Godin once pointed out that “when you hand someone a photo album or a yearbook, the first thing they will do is seek out their own picture.”

I would extend this thinking even further. Every minute the customer is with you, the customer is thinking about his own reality. Or the reality of his relationship with the people who matter to him.

Think about this reality–because it is reality. Incorporate it into everything you do in business. You’ll be amazed at the rewards you reap.


Micah Solomon, Contributor
Author-speaker-consultant. Customer service, customer experience. 

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