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Top 5 Reasons Customers Don't Buy From You

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Are you spending time marketing your product, but still not selling as much as you would like? Marketing Guide, Laura Lake shares some basics that too many businesses miss in trying to find the answer to this question

The truth is consumers have needs and steps that they go through that persuades them to buy. If your marketing is not meeting those requirements it is probably the reasons your product is not selling. As consumers we are not just persuaded by the "price" of a product, we are moved by the benefits of the product and what it can do for us; that's our reason for purchasing.

If you are finding that you are having difficulty in selling your product you may want to consider the following reasons why consumers don't buy and evaluate how you can do better at marketing your products in a way that converts consumers into your customers.

They are not aware of your product.
Consumers cannot purchase products they are not aware of. If you are marketing, but consumers still don't know about your product it may be time to evaluate why it's not working. Are you targeting the right market with your message? Is your message reaching those that would have an interest in your product? It's important to remember that the solution is not always more marketing, because the problem may lie with where you are marketing at, and what marketing vehicles you are using.

They don't understand the benefits of your product.
Consumers don't buy products solely based on price. Now, this does not mean that they don't factor in price, they do. Consumers buy based on the benefits your product brings them. If you asked your customers what the benefits of your product are, would they know? This is important. Your marketing must be centered on the benefits for your product in order for consumers to take an interest in purchasing your product. Create a list of the top three benefits of your product and use those in your marketing message.

They don't feel your product has perceived value.
Consumers will not buy products that they perceive as having no value. Why should customers value your product? You can use the benefits of your product to create a perceived value and it is that perceived value that helps in the sales of your product. If a customer cannot see value they will simply pass your product by. You must create that perceived value in your marketing message.

They don't see how your product meets their needs.
We've talked about benefits and perceived value, now let's talk about needs. Do consumers know how your product meets their needs? Does it make their life easier, save them time, make them feel better? What need does your product satisfy? You have to tell consumers that, don't make them guess or come up with the answer on their own tell them and help educate them on why they need your product.

Your product is not accessible to them.
Consumers cannot buy what is not available to them. If they hear about your product but it is not accessible, forget it. Consumers want ease in obtaining and using your product. How can you make your product more accessible to them? Is it putting it in different locations? Distributing your product different? Perhaps it's offering your product online. Evaluate the accessibility of your product and see if you need to make changes.


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