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Service? Quality? Prices?

Top Service Trumps Product Quality and Prices In Consumer Preferences

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United Kingdom - Efficient customer service ranks way higher than even quality products and low prices, according to a survey of consumers analysing the areas they believe retailers should be focusing on. 

Almost three quarters of consumers would recommend a retail brand based on a good customer experience, according to the survey of 5,000 UK consumers published for Econsultancy, and sponsored by Foviance.
But despite demands for efficient customer service, and amid massive growth in online shopping, perhaps surprisingly only one in five respondents said having a user-friendly website should be a future priority for retailers.
The second annual Multichannel Customer Experience Report also found that despite all the money being spent on branding, consumers ranked it next to last with only 11% of respondents saying it was an area retailers should be focusing on the provide the best experience to customers.
Nearly 70% of consumers have used a desktop to research or browse for a retail product in the past six months, making it the most popular search method. In store browsing came a close second with 64%, followed by catalogues and brochures with 29%. Browsing for products using a mobile phone is still relatively uncommon, scoring just 13%, though that figure is almost certainly going to increase.
In contrast to browsing, when consumers were asked where they actually pay for their retail products, 70% of people have bought items in store in the past six months, while 64% have bought a product using a desktop.
The study also found that online buying experiences are more likely to be ‘excellent’ than their instore equivalents; a quarter of respondents said they rated their most recent instore retail experience as excellent, compared to 41% who rated their last online purchase on a desktop computer as excellent.
However, when you combine the percentages for excellent and good the scores are closer, with in store scoring 80% and desktop achieving 86%, suggesting that, generally speaking, retailers are doing a good job with their in store and online offerings.


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