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My Top 10 Professional Hopes for 2011

Brian H Meredith writes....

My professional hopes as a marketing practitioner are big ones. But simple ones. And not new ones. And as an eternal optimist, I will hold my breath – but not indefinitely.


That retailers (and other advertisers) will stop shouting (nee yelling) at us

That businesses will take the trouble to learn and understand what the marketing concept is all about

That bean counters (and others) will come to realise that, in business (indeed, in life) there is only one place money comes from – customers

That marketing will find a way to increase its representation at the top of the organisational tree (alongside, if not ahead of, lawyers and accountants)

That creative teams will remember that great advertising makes a single minded proposition come alive in a compelling way

That sales and marketing practitioners will remind themselves that marketing is not about arresting the human intelligence for long enough to extract money from it – that’s mugging.

That sales people will learn that customers care only about what’s in it for them, not what’s in it for you – a perpetual process of diagnosis and prescription is therefore called for.

That businesses of every shape, size and colour will work hard to understand (or decide) what business it is in – Is it drills? Or holes? Which does the customer really need?

That businesses of every shape, size and colour will grasp the simple (but powerful) reality that people are the only element of a business that can’t be removed. We can manage without everything else, for a while, somehow. Remove people, however, and everything stops. Immediately.

That HR and Marketing Teams will learn to work together to invest in, nourish and nurture every single staff member, however lowly, in the recognition that every one of them is an MMD (Mini Marketing Director)


(Sorry, I lied. There are 11 Hopes, not 10).

That more and more businesses will take advantage of the help we can offer them in all of the above aspects of their business! :-)


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