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Meredith's Musings #18

What Is Marketing?

A post on a LinkedIn Group recently asked this question and, many hundreds of replies later, we can all read one of the biggest collections of waffle, bunkum & balderdash I have ever encountered. Confusion reigns. Argument abounds. And business underperforms as a result.


Is it the art of arresting the human intelligence for long enough to extract money from it?


No. That’s mugging.


Is it that place where the ads are done?


No. It’s not that simple.


Is it the pouring of hard earned revenue down the drain?


No. That’s not what an investment is.


Is it just Sales with a College Degree


Well, maybe :-)


Marketing is not scary.


Marketing is not rocket science.


Marketing is not optional.


Marketing is a concept.


The marketing concept can best be defined by the following wise words coined by someone (not sure who but they knew what they were talking about):


“An organisation will only achieve its goals by identifying and/or creating needs and wants amongst it chosen target markets and fulfilling them, at a profit, time after time after time”.


Marketing is a state of mind


If the very being of your business does not have a marketing state of mind then it will, at best, sub-optimise its performance.


Marketing is a set of tools & techniques


But if these tools & techniques are not being applied in a business where the marketing concept dominates and a marketing state of mind prevails, then every cent spent on the tools & techniques is money down the drain.

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