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HOW TO ...Put Together Your Media Kit

by Jessica Sanders  
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When running a small business, it’s important to take advantage of every marketing avenue at your disposal. A media kit is a great way to get brand awareness and positive information in the hands of the press before a new marketing campaign. Because you deliver it to them you can control what is included and what isn't.

First though, let’s start from the beginning.

You may be wondering what a media kit, otherwise known as a press kit, is. According to, “A media kit is a packet of information about your business that is created for use by the press. Its purpose is to provide media members with the necessary data to report on your business.” Now, it’s time to get started.

Why Do You Need One?

In an over-reported world, it’s smart to have a media kit ready, not only for the launch of a marketing campaign, but for those interested in knowing the details of your company at any time. This kit will shine your brightest colors, and provide those interested with detailed information about who you are and what you do. Who can use this?

Reporters: Having a media kit readily available online ensures that reporters don’t have to dig to get information you may not want them to have.

Customers: Some interested customers might want to know more about your business.

Current/Potential business partners: This is an excellent way to present your company to potential business partners in a convenient, organized package.

What Goes Into It?

When creating your media kit, you want to be sure to include all the necessary information. This is an opportunity to present the basic principles and facts about your company in your own words.

What you do: It’s important that you lay out what your company does in a clear, concise manner. Be sure to include products or services you provide.

Fact sheet: This is a good place to include interesting facts about the company: your history, target market/audience, future plans, etc.
Biographies: Here you can layout some basic information about the top players within your company. You want to keep this short and to the point, providing just enough information.

Press mentions: Utilize this area to highlight all your accomplishments. Include published articles, press releases, statements, and reviews.

How Is It Packaged?

Once you’ve compiled all your information, it’s time to package it and send it out to the world. However, the question remains, how do you package such a kit? There are a variety of ways to complete this final step.

On your website: It’s smart to place this information on your website, readily available for reporters. Make sure that any included photos or design elements are consistent with your brand’s image.

In an e-mail: If you are launching a new product, service or marketing campaign, you’ll want to send your media kit out to the press to garner attention and create discussion.

At tradeshows: Be sure to format your kit so that you can print single pages or each one. These make great handouts or table toppers for tradeshows.

Putting together a great media kit can be critical to how customers and the press react to a new campaign or product. In the case of a company crisis a media kit will provide reporters with correct and appropriate information. For the sake of your company, be sure to have a well-made, detailed media kit readily available.




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