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Google Instant 101

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Still wondering how Google Instant—the new enhancement that shows results as you type—changes search marketing?

Well, Google promises to shave 2.5 seconds off each user's search, with the end result of 10-percent faster searches.

In a recent post at the Daily Fix blog, David Felfoldi cites the benefits of this change, according to Google:

Predictive Typing. As you type, a prediction is made of what you are seeking.

Instant Results. As you type, the results appear. Every typed character updates the search results instantly.

How will it affect your efforts?

Here are four ways Felfoldi says Google Instant has already changed the search landscape:

Short attention spans will grow even shorter.

An entire new search results page of options is now just a keystroke away. "Keep your copy brief, to the point, and able to grab attention," Felfoldi advises.

Impression counts may increase.

When a searcher stops typing and the results are displayed for three seconds or more, Google counts the pause as an impression. To see the impact of this change, Felfoldi suggests monitoring AdWords accounts closely for a while.

There will be greater competition for shorter phrases.

"No longer is your competition the other websites that rank for your target or niche keyphrase term like 'tankless water heater,' " Felfoldi notes. "Rather, it is also the shorter phrases, like 'tankless' and 'tankless water' that now also appear as the user types in their full search phrase. Each phrase presents a new layer of competition for you to now consider."

Predictive search = keyword research.

You can look to predictive search to help choose your hottest keywords. "The term that appears first is probably the most common search result, and the one you should consider targeting," Felfoldi advises.

The Point: Success is rarely instant. Make sure your search strategy addresses Google's latest enhancement—and the changing user behaviors likely to result.


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