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Google AdWords - Value for SMEs?

by Rachel Fielding
First Published on  

United Kingdom - Less than a fifth of SMEs using Google AdWords recoup the cost of their investment, and the remaining 82% are either not recouping their cost in terms of online sales, or simply don’t know if they are or not. 

Damning research published by web-based CRM supplier and conducted online by YouGov, suggests that Google AdWords is failing struggling SMEs, despite being promoted as a cost effective means to market their offerings.
Google AdWords is promoted widely to SMEs as a direct and cost-effective way of raising brand awareness and boosting sales of products and services. But the survey of more than 500 small business leaders across the UK suggests that this message is lost on many, as they are unable to track the link between the money they put in and the revenue they get out.
John Cheney, CEO of, said the survey results echo the conversations the company is having with many of our customers.
“SMEs feel they need to be ‘seen’ on Google, but they just don’t have the tools to measure the effectiveness of their investment.  With Google AdWords now well established as one of the world’s leading advertising media, offering enormous potential for a more level playing field between SMEs and their larger competitors, it is a real shame that many firms are still struggling to quantify the benefits,” Cheney said.
One company that took part in the study, generated a mere 18 pence in sales for every £1 they spent on Google AdWords, Cheney added. “Smaller firms have limited marketing budgets and they want to spend it in the way that will generate the greatest return.  With just 10 per cent of survey respondents saying that Google AdWords had led directly to sales and new clients in the last 12 months, it is important that SMEs have access to tools that help them to make the best possible decisions about where to invest their funds.”


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