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Connected TV Strategies....

....Marketers Turning A Blind Eye

by Rachel Fielding
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United Kingdom - Fewer than one in eight marketers have developed a connected TV strategy even though global sales are set to reach 123 million units over the next three years.

A survey of over 200 Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) members found that while the vast majority (85%) are interested in the advertising opportunities afforded by internet-connected TVs, only 12% currently have a connected TV strategy in place.
Industry figures indicated that sales of internet-connected TVs will continue to grow; informa predicts that global sales will reach 52 million internet-connected TVs this year and from 2013 internet enabled devices, especially connected TVs, will out-sell PCs.
But the study conducted by the IAB and multichannel video agency Adjust Your Set revealed that one in ten industry respondents are still uncertain as to when a connected TV strategy will be implemented and 22% say they have no plans to implement one at all.
Jack Wallington, head of industry programmes at the IAB said the research revealed a staggering amount of uncertainty when it comes to internet-connected TVs. “It’s clear the industry considers the platform a significant leap for online advertising, but it has also become apparent that like so many other technological developments we’re waiting for the customer to leap first,” Wallington said.
Four out of five respondents said it was very important or important that the type of content on internet-connected TVs is new, entertaining and engaging, and that short-form content will be the most prevalent.
However, over a third feel that only a budget of up to £50,000 should be allocated to an internet-connected TV strategy and 68% feel that consumers will only ‘plug-in’ their connected TV once the trend becomes more widespread.
Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO of Adjust Your Set said: “The rapid uptake of connected TVs should warrant serious consideration from brands on the potential opportunities available and future revenue streams. While people are purchasing internet-enabled devices it is still unclear whether they will plug them in. It is the industries responsibility to create compelling content propositions to persuade the audience. ”


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