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Biggest Bug Bear of Call Centre Service

Study Reveals

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United Kingdom - Patronising pre-recorded messages, long waiting times and rude operators - which is the biggest contact centre frustration as voted for by the public?

New research by Natterbox can now reveal which is our biggest customer service bugbear.

The survey of over 1,000 UK adult consumers reveals that being on hold for too long (80%) is the top biggest gripe about telephone customer service, with 80% of respondents reporting that it is the most single frustrating aspsect of calling contact centres.

This was followed by not being able to speak to an operator (63%); having to repeat customer details (59%); too many press one, press two options (51%); and pre-recorded messages on how valued you are (48%), said the survey.

Other major gripes included rude operators, being put through to the wrong department or person, having to call back and annoying hold music.

Additionally, the study showed the majority of UK customers are unlikely to spend lengthy call waiting times for a customer service agent. Just 4% of customers will wait more than 30 minutes to have their query resolved over the phone, followed by 25% prepared to wait 10 minutes whilst the majority of respondents (39%) are prepared to wait up to five minutes, according to the figures.  

The survey also revealed internet providers as being the worst offenders of poor customer sevice with 31%. In contrast, banks were cited as having the best call centres with the majority of customers (34%) saying they provide the best telephone experience.

Neil Hammerton, CEO at Natterbox, said: “In today’s fast-paced and socially connected world, customers don’t have the time or patience to wait on hold to get an issue resolved. A number of minor irritants can build up to a major headache and this can have a devastating effect on customer loyalty and the brand over all. Unhappy customers can lead to unhappy staff, which could result in staff turnover and additional costs in rehiring and training.

“We all know how irritating it is to be passed from operator to operator and repeat details over and over again. But nowadays cloud based technology is available for call centres to streamline the caller resolution process. If they can be automatically put through to the right person, first time, it cuts down the call time and improves their experience. After all, no one really likes to spend their days listening to hold music.”



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